Friday, July 30, 2010

Just for Fun: Social Networking Site Logos That Look Like Yoga Poses

I'm sitting in yoga class and enjoying the benefits of the Cow Face pose. The person in front of me gets up and excuses herself from class for a few minutes. I can see myself in the mirror now and a random thought rushes through my head: this pose look like the letter "i". Even though I'm supposed to empty my mind and focus on my breathing, I decide to make the rest of the class an experiment: How many yoga poses look like the logos of today's popular social networking sites? Weird, I know. Regardless, I had a ton of fun with it during and after class. Those of you, social media fans out there with an appreciation for yoga might find this post amusing...and feel free to add more examples!

Cow face pose and wheel pose (source:

Flying bow pose (source:

Boat pose (source:

Bridge pose (source:

Side bend (source:

Extended hand-to-big toe pose (source:

Bow pose (source:

Headstand (source: yogalifestyle)

Bikram series (source: 

Scorpion pose (source:
This may require some explanation. I've picked this pose because it reminds me of the curves found in the letters "S" and "U"  in the logo.

Full one-legged king pigeon pose (source:

And what else is similar? Yoga can be just as addictive as social media. Hope you enjoyed this little experiment.


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